Teaching career

Donald Moline has taught at Northwestern University, Northeastern Illinois University, The University of Tulsa, Dartmouth College, Hartt College and at Indiana University. He has also given master classes in Tokyo for the Japan Cello Society at Suntory Hall, and at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. Mr. Moline now teaches at his private studio in central Tokyo.
Mr. Moline's former students occupy positions in major symphony orchestras in the United States and in Europe, and many of them have become teachers at colleges and universities. He has also made it a specialty to teach adult non-professional amateurs who are interested in playing in amateur chamber music groups and orchestras.

The philosophy

The philosophy that students can employ concentration of arm weight and hand balance in order to achieve greater technique has long been a hallmark of his teaching technique. Since busy adults don't have a lot of time to practice, there are certain short-cuts for accelerated learning that actually can save time for the student, and these are emphasized through brief daily excercises and practice techniques.